When the HP laptop with the Windows Operating System gets into some kind of severe issue, you might think that it is irrecoverable. But never think so, unless you have tried the Factory Reset option, which is generally the last resort of the users. Then, for that very reason, you will have to know the procedure of “how to factory reset HP laptop?” There can be several other causes also for why you would need to reset the computer. Thus, when you are selling the HP laptop to another person, then the know-how to reset a computer should be known anyhow. Even, the knowledge to perform a factory reset can be necessary, if you are giving someone your device.

Solutions on “How To factory Reset HP Laptop?” Easily

This is the section of the article that will provide you with 2 efficient points on “how to factory reset HP laptop?”

Using the Windows Settings Do a Factory Reset

Here, you will get steps that will help to perform a factory reset using the ‘Windows Settings’ application. For that to happen, follow the steps below:

  • First, tap on the ‘Cortana’ logo. This will open the new search area, where type the text “reset this PC”. Next, from the output of this search, tap on the option ‘Reset this PC’.
  • This action will launch a new window with the name ‘Settings’. Within that window, go to the left panel and then choose the ‘Recovery’ option.
  • After that, move to the right panel of the page, that has the heading ‘Recovery’. Under the heading, go to the subheading ‘Reset this PC’ and then press on the button ‘Get started’.
  • At this moment, you will see a window with a blue background, that has a heading ‘Choose an option’. Within that window, there will be two options. Out of those two select the ‘Remove everything’ option.
  • After you click on the option that is on the last step, then follow the following substeps:
    • The option ‘Remove everything’ suggests that all the files, applications and settings will be deleted. After that, a new window will show up ‘Your PC has more than one drive’
    • Now, within that window, when you wish to remove all the contents from the drive that contains Windows OS. Then select the option ‘Only the drive where Windows is installed’. Otherwise, if you wish to clean everything from the drive, then tap on the option ‘All drives’.
    • Next. a new window shows up with a name ‘Do you want to clean the drives, too?. Here, when you want to get rid of all the files or data, then tap on the option ‘Just remove my files’. But, if you need to clear the whole drive, then click the option ‘Remove files and clean the drive’.
    • When you see a window that has a name ‘Ready to reset this PC’, then hit the ‘Reset’ button. As soon as you tap on this button then the reset procedure will begin, which will take much time to complete. So wait for it to get over.
    • When the reset process is complete, then accordingly set up the computer.

Using the Windows Recovery Environment Perform a Factory Reset

In this point, you will get effective steps that will certainly aid you on the process of how to use the Windows Recovery Environment to do a factory reset. For that to happen, follow the heads underneath:

  • First, shut down your HP laptop and take out all the external devices like the USB drives, speakers, etc from the machine. Including that, you need to remove some recently installed internal component also.
  • After that, power on the HP laptop, then instantly tap on the key ‘F11’ continuously until a window comes with a blue background. This window will have a heading ‘Choose an option’ and several options.
  • Out of those options on that window, select the ‘Troubleshoot’. Now, a page will come up that has a similar name as the option that you have chosen on the previous line.
  • On that page, choose the first option that says ‘Reset this PC’
  • Go to the last section and then follow the four, five and all the other five substeps to set the PC once again.

Update the Driver Software

Sometimes, due to some malfunctions from the driver software of a certain type of hardware, the knowledge regarding “how to factory reset HP laptop” is beneficial. So, at this point, there will be steps on how to update all the drivers of the computer. Therefore, follow along:

  • First, press on the combination of both the keys ‘Windows + R’. This will launch a new dialog box known as ‘Run’.
  • Within that dialog box, write the text that follows “devmgmt.msc” on the blank area, just beside the label ‘Open:’. Next, tap on the button ‘OK’.
  • At this moment a new window will open up, with a name ‘Device Manager’. Inside that window, there will be a list of all the devices and their driver software installed within the machine.
  • From that window, double-click on the first device category to open the expanded sublist, which reveals all the drivers of that device.
  • Next, from that sublist choose the first driver and then right-click on it. After that, choose an option ‘Update driver’, from the popup menu that shows up.
  • This action will then open a new window, which contains two options. Out of those two options, select the first one, that is ‘Search automatically for updated driver software’. When this you click on this option, then the Windows Operating System will search for any updates available for the specific device driver software automatically. If an update is found, then that will be downloaded and installed automatically.
  • When the installation is over then, repeat the fourth, fifth and sixth steps within this point to update all the drivers of each device present on the list.
  • As soon as all the device drivers are up to date, then restart the computer.

To Conclude

You can get easy guidance on the previous section that will give aid on “how to factory reset HP laptop?” easily and effectively. But, even after following all the steps on the above section, if still, you are unable to perform a factory reset of the HP laptop, then do not worry. Just, give details of your query on the comment section present below this article.