Printers are the most essential device to meet your professional and personal work requirements. But, when it comes into the top-notch printers, HP printer is the most preferred choice among the users for its excellent printing quality and multifunction attributes. 

However, sometimes users might avail certain uninterrupted service while using the HP printers as well. There are occasions when HP printer displays an error notification “HP printer alignment failed” which hampers your task adversely.


This error notification indicates that the HP printer is not able to align the pages. Most of the users generally face this issue when they are working with an outdated version of the printer driver. 

The printer can become misaligned if there is a paper stuck in the printer. Apart from this, if the print cartridges are dirty or not genuine then, such kind of error can occur. Improper installation of cartridges can also be responsible for this glitch.

If you ever find this alignment failed error on your HP printer, this article can help you out. Here, in this article, you will get to know various effective methods to get rid of this error in no time.

Tips and Tricks to Eradicate HP Printer Alignment Failure Error:

In the below section, we are going to mention some of the simple and effective troubleshooting methods to fix the alignment failure error on the HP printer device. 

Therefore, simply follow up the below-discussed methods in the same order as instructed to get fruitful result.

Reset the HP printer

Primarily, you need to turn off your HP printer and turn it on again. This might resolve the alignment failure error that you are facing right now.

Step 1: At first, you need to switch off your HP printer. Then, wait for a while and then go to the next step. Now, disconnect the power cord from the printer outlet and wait for about 30 seconds. 

Step 2: After that, plug in the power cord into the outlet. Now, connect the power cord to the printer and turn it on again.

Once your HP printer restarts, you can verify whether the alignment failure gets removed from your printer device or not.

Change the Printer Settings

Sometimes, wrong or incorrect settings of printer can lead to the HP printer won’t align cartridges error. In such situations, you need to change the printer settings to get rid of this situation. 

To do so, you can go through the steps underneath:

At first, launch the Start menu and then choose the File tab from the menu list. After that, hit the drop-down menu and then click on the “Print” option from the resultant menu list. 

Next, navigate to the Advanced folder and invoke a new window. 

Now, in the new window, look for the option “Print As Bitmap” and once you find it tap on it.  Then, select the checkbox. 

Finally, hit the OK button in order to save all the new changes. 

Use the Genuine HP Ink Cartridges

After changing the HP printer settings, if you still get stuck with the same error, then you might require to use the genuine HP ink cartridges. Basically, HP endorses that you use original tones or ink supplies. 

If you don’t use the genuine toner or ink, then encountering such kind error is quite common. 

Therefore, you need to need to use the genuine ink cartridges on your HP printer device. 

But, if you require to check the cartridges, then navigate to the HP official webpages. And you can replace the older cartridge with a newer one.

Use the Correct Type of Paper

At first, take off the paper from your HP printer. Then, you must verify the paper, ensure that the paper is clean and unused. If you find any color, photo or unused paper, then remove them shortly. 

Now, hit the right arrow and look for the “Setup” option from the menu list. Once you find the “Setup” option, simply tap on it and go for the Tools section. 

Thereafter, press the drop-down menu and you will find the “Align Printer” button on the screen, just tap on it. Next, your printer is able to print the alignment test pages. 

After performing this action, open the printer lid and then place the alignment test page on the scanner carefully in order to scan this page. Finally, close the printer lid and hit the OK button. 

Now, it will start to scan the alignment page. Once the scanning process is over, you have to check whether the error gets eliminated or not. 

Update the Printer Driver

Updating the printer driver is another reliable method that helps you to get rid of the alignment failure error. Whenever you use the old version of printer drivers, then chances are higher that you might come across the error. 

So, it is recommended you to always keep the printer drivers up to date.

Primarily, you need to press the Windows Home key along with the R key altogether on your keyboard. This process will bring the Search dialog box. Once the Search dialog box opens, write “Device Manager” into it and hit the Enter button or choose the OK button. 

Now, select the top search result to open the Device Manager window. Now, in the Device Manager window, choose a category to see the names of the devices, then tap on the device you need to update. 

After that, look for the Update Drivers button. Now, choose the Update Driver from the resultant menu list. 

Next, locate the option “Search Automatically For Updated Driver Software.” Once you locate it, click on this button and look for the latest version. Now, hit the Install Update button. This process might take some time to finish. Once the process finish, reboot your device to save the new changes on your device.

Aligning the Ink Cartridges

To begin the process, you require to turn on your HP printer and then load the printer tray with A4 size paper. After that, you will notice the “HP Center” application on your device. 

Now, in the HP center application window navigate to the Setting and then, tap on the Print Settings button from the resultant menu list. 

Now, look for the printer Toolbox and select the “Align The Print Cartridges” option and tap on it. Once you are done with the above steps, check whether the hp printer alignment failed prevails. 

Perform a Disk Cleanup

After doing the above task, if you still get the same error on your HP printer device, then you might need to perform a Disk Cleanup. To do so, follow the under mentioned section:

  • Firstly, navigate to the “My Computer” and then look for the C:/drive. Once you find it, tap on it.
  • Then, hit the drop-down menu and select its Properties. After that, go to the “Disk Cleanup” section and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the further process.

Remove Personal Tem Files

If alignment failed error occurs due to the temp files, then you can easily resolve this matter by deleting the Personal Temp files. But, if you are not aware of the steps, then have a look below:

  • At first, go to the Starts menu and then initiate the Run dialog box. Once the Run dialog box opens, write “%temp%” and press the Enter button or click on the OK button.
  • After that, press the Ctrl button along with the A and choose all the files. Now, press and hold the Ctrl+ K key all together to delete/remove all the temp files. 

When it is done, configure the issue accordingly.

To Conclude:

With the help with the above methods, you will be able to resolve the alignment failed error on your own. But, in case, you find that the above-mentioned methods are quite time-consuming and if you’ve enough time to perform those actions, then it is better to take expert assistance. 

Moreover, if you want to know more information regarding this error, then write up your questions in the feedback section below.